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The place with numerous beaches, wildlife, and breathtaking natural beauty is one that needs to be explored.

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What to keep in mind before travelling to Australia?

Travelling to a different country with a different culture and ethnicity, can be quite an adventure as well as fun. It is important to keep in mind certain things (even if it seems irrelevant), to make your travel experience more organised and exciting.

Some of these things are:

You may find road trip to be on your check list, but do think twice before planning it, as Australia is a huge landmass even if it does not seem so, and weather varies a lot from place to place. You may even find some places where snow covers the landmass and people having skiing tools can even experience the activity. Well, don’t be surprised if you get to experience four different seasons in one day, in the city of Melbourne.

You may even find some free barbeque stations across the parks. Why not have it, when u get it on hand, and its mouth-watering. It is even available at the beaches, so fulfil your fantasy by having a barbeque on the beach.

Smoking is not good for health and you would definitely stay away from it if you are in Australia, as its extremely expensive.

Coffee, is a serious thing Australia is credited for inventing different types of coffee. And, Starbucks does not stand a chance in front of their local coffee shops.

Health care in Australia is free and you can use it as long as you hold the title of Permanent Residency.

Kangaroos, are known as icons of Australia, but are not as cute and as friendly as you might think.

Vegemite is considered as the primary food of Australia. It is a bitter black paste consumed with bread and is found in 90% of the Australian Households.

Tim Tam is the national biscuit of Australia.

While visiting Australia, learn all the important words especially its slangs.

Australian humour is quite different so don’t get offended quickly. The most favourite of the Australian humour is when someone from Brisbane tried to sell New Zealand on eBay in 2006.

Well, understanding the culture, we know that visiting Australia is an experience to cherish and where one can understand different kinds of people and their lifestyle. Go Ahead and Explore.